Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Trumpet Call .

When the trumpet call has sounded and the Lord has now returned
When the clock of time no longer has a face
Will you stand before the judgement seat a washed and holy soul?
Or will guilt and sorrow show upon your face?

Is there someone unforgiven who has sought to do you harm?
Did you mean to tell the Lord but then forgot?
Are your sins and pain still clinging to your frail and fading form?
Then cry “Lord forgive them; cleanse my every spot.”

So friend, keep your lamp still burning for no-one knows the day
When the Saviour will return to claim his own
Then forgive, and be forgiven and you’ll keep the pathway clear
Instead of Judgement lay your crowns at Heaven’s throne.

Wyn Barratt. Oct 2011


Marja Meijers said...

Yes, let's keep our lamps burning Wyn! Greetings from Israel, love.

wyn said...

How wonderful that you are in Israel! I hope to go there one day too and do a tour of the Holy land.