Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do Things Change?

There are only seven days in a week but sometimes each day is as long as a lifetime
I keep looking out of my window to see if anything has changed.
It all looks exactly the same except a small piece of rubbish has moved onto my garden and is transfixed, as am I, waiting for something to change it. Wanting it to blow away so my lawn is neat and tidy once more.
Would you believe that piece of cigarette paper took a week to move a few yards?

              A week ago it was the day for garbage collection and that paper fell to the ground instead of into the garbage truck. It was large and silver…tinfoil. Yes, it took a week to move a few yards and I have watched its progress! Will somebody tell me to get a life?
              I would like to, but I need more strength and energy and a modicum of will power. If I had some will power then maybe I could rustle up a little energy and strength to go with it. 

              I ponder what I would do if a snake slithered towards me, or a lion, or a leopard; something fast moving.  Could I run? Could I run fast enough to get out of harm’s way?
             I might do something stupid in the case of a leopard or a lion. I would probably stroke them and try to cuddle them. The snake, well, I would be hanging from the ceiling in two seconds flat, and thinking about Poppa’s blog called ‘The Snake Line’ and wishing I lived above it!

              I glance up to the sky; maybe there is some change there? It has been grey for hours, thankfully, giving some relief from the heat and sun.
Distant thunder keeps up my hope for a refreshing downpour. I can almost believe my plants are listening and hoping for the same result.

Does anything change?  Not while I am watching.
Not a living soul is walking down the street, not a car or a truck. It must be lunchtime  

The tired young mother after another sleepless night, watching for her baby’s eyes to close in sleep so she too can doze a little. Nothing changing there either.

The old wife cradling her dying husband’s head in her arms, both aware of mixed longings; for sleep and rest for the wife, for Eternal sleep and Eternal rest for the husband.
The former to face unchanging days of loneliness and the latter unchanging days of joy.

Yes, things can change in a flash; in the bat of an eye. A loved one can fall and be injured, stepping into the last Waltz, before hearts can be prepared to handle the new situation. Then, suddenly as it happened, healing commences and change is imperceptible and with relief and gratitude nothing else happens; nothing changes for a while, at least.   Then we feel blessed.

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