Monday, December 10, 2012

I Think That I Grew Up Today.


I think that I grew up today (it wasn’t before time!)
I look into a mirror, surprised at what I find
A pale old lady looked at me her wrinkles on the rise
But her bright blue eyes were sparkling and that was my surprise.

You see that when I looked out from those eyes I knew were mine
 I saw every person looking and yet I felt that I was blind
Like when you’re at the movies and the story is not yours
You cannot touch, just listen, to others lives, not yours.

For years I had been grieving and hiding in the house
My life was over, even. I was quiet as a mouse
But when today I saw ME and I looked quite alive
I knew that I was ready and I could step outside.

So now I know I’m ready, if the world is ready or not
Every day is an adventure, just a little or a lot
I have a Great Companion Who is with me all the way
And every day He will be near for He promised He will stay.

So here’s to new adventures in a bright and hopeful world
Though my days are few or many, my flag will be unfurled
For Jesus Christ has promised that He will give me hope
And with that hope a future so the two of us can cope.

Wyn Barratt Dec 2012.

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