Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is Hope Everywhere?

Hope is everywhere. We see it. Hope is everywhere
From a Babe in a manger rough and small
To a Christmas tree standing proud and tall
Hope is everywhere.

Dark clouds may come and storms roll up, yet hope is still somewhere
We watch for sun to break on through
A friendly hand stretched out by you
Then hope is everywhere.

On Christmas morn a gentle cry is heard from the stable nearby
It is the Babe in a manger rough and small
The hope of the world lies in a stall
Now hope will spread everywhere.

But where is the hope of the homeless one; the one in a doorway all alone
The child who was sold for a meal or two
Children now abused, that we gave birth to
Spreading the hope is a job for us all.

Wyn Barratt Dec 2012.

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