Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do The Days Drag?

Do the days drag when you are alone?
Begin each day down at the throne
Seek out another lonely soul
Many are broken and would be made whole.

Feeling such pain, and despondency?
Thinking again, why me? Why me?
Trying to remember what joy felt like?
Even your smile has gone on strike.

Hands up all those who feel the same?
Wanting to end this earthly game?
Satan’s the one who steals your joy
Look up to God He’s yours to enjoy.

So many things to ponder upon
Flowers and babies, ducks in a pond
Blue sky and sunshine, breezes and such
Many more things hold the Saviour’s touch.

Pray for people you have never met
The broken, the lonely, and even your pet
The Father will smile if you walk that last mile
He misses nothing and His love is your smile.

Wyn Barratt

June 2011.

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