Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandad’s Birthday.

Will Grandad get a cake in Heaven
Now that his birthday’s here?
Does that mean he’s getting older
Even though he is not here?

Dad says he’ll live for ever
Think how old he will be
When Jesus beams me up to Heaven
Will he still play with me?

Wyn barratt.
June 2011.


Marja said...

Love that photo Wyn, family??

Anonymous said...

heartfelt as always!
Love your writing Wyn!!!

wyn said...

Yes, Marja,
This is Noah, Geoff adored him and he never let go of Noah's photo and it finally remained in his hand into the coffin. Noah fretted for a long time for his Grandad.

wyn said...

Thank you Jeff,
You have figuratively held my hand through everything for years and I appreciate it and love you for it!