Wednesday, June 8, 2011

O Majesty of Majesties

O Majesty of Majesties, Creator of the world
It is my joy to worship You as Lord of my little world
I’m just a tiny speck in this amazing, beautiful place
You made for our enjoyment, this lowly human race.

I sometimes walk along the road, my gaze fixed on the ground
But when I stop to look around my heart stirs at the sound
Of birds and bees and insects, and children’s clear- voiced calls
And babes whose wide eyed wonder will daily bless us all.

They never question parents love, or know about their God
Who planned their lives so long ago before the earth Christ trod
So, Lord, I’m here to worship and send my love to You
To thank You for my trials and my faith and hope renew.

Wyn Barratt
June 2011.

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