Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Babe.

Christmas Babe; our Sovereign King
You came to save; Your life offering
Nothing we do can make us deserve
You Lord, are Truth and we Lord, should serve.

Easter Man, following God’s plan
Walked to the Cross a sacrificed Lamb
Died, and we watched Your life bleed away
Cast lots for Your garments to pass the day.

Buried Lord; a Son and a Friend
Loved ones were grieving to see Your life end
Close up that grave, we don’t want to see
What we have done by denying Thee.

The stone’s rolled away; it is a new day
Jesus is risen what a glorious way
To triumph over evil; to break Satan's will
Jesus is Sovereign and He did all God’s will.

Christmas Babe You came to save
Our Sovereign King You were faithful and brave
Suffering all because of our fall
Your arms outstretched, You redeemed us all.

Judgement will come, what have we done?
Guilty as charged, and with nowhere to run
While there is still time remember the Cross
Say yes to Salvation or you will be lost.

Wyn Barratt
Dec 2011

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