Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love to hear the light planes buzzing round the sky
They remind me of my yesterdays when Heaven seemed close by
I would lie down in a paddock or underneath a tree
But soon the flies and insects would come to visit me.

I only had to stretch my arms straight upward to the sky
I felt that I could reach the clouds and Heaven was close by
It seems like only yesterday that I could cycle round
The miles and miles of country roads, my feet not touch the ground.

My head was high enough to see across the patchwork fields
Light planes would climb and dive around; they didn’t stop for meals
Sometime they’ll have to land again and I would have to go
The many miles back to my home; but I had loved it so.

It’s funny when you’re old and grey it seems like yesterday
You had such great adventures and old age was far away
But when you’re old and growing frail it was only yesterday
That you were young and full of life and thrills came every day.

Wyn Barratt.
Dec 2011.


Marja Meijers said...

Well, that is surely a nice poem, meditation, at the dawn of a new year Wyn, I like it, thanks!

Wyn Barratt said...

Sometimes, Marja, we need to remember our yesterdays to be reminded of all the ways our Saviour led us!
Happy New Year, my friend!.