Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Just Want To Say.

Dear precious Jesus I just want to say
Thank You for the blessings You have sent my way
Walking around the house knowing I’m not alone
Thinking longingly of my Heavenly home.

Knowing that tomorrow I have nothing to fear
You will still be near me, oh so near
You can hear my breathing and my every sigh
You never regretted that for me You came to die.

Even in the morning if I wake up down
And don’t care one little bit about a heavenly crown
You know that I still love You for ever and a day
Nothing that happens will turn my heart away

Lord You are so precious, You are my life
Even when I struggle to keep out of strife
Every day’s a new day, a clean, fresh start
You look right inside of me, You know my heart.

So dear, precious, Jesus I just want to say
Thank you for the trials You have sent my way
Keep on refining me in Your refining fire
To be a holy child of God is also my desire.

Wyn Barratt
Dec 2011.

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