Monday, December 5, 2011

We Should Not Be Moved

To our Australian Politicians who are debating same sex marriage.

When God says something He means it
When we say something, do we?
Or can we be moved to change our mind
Wherever the pressure might be?

These days we can see our standards
Slip down before our very eyes
The noisy minority shout and scream
They don’t want our standards to rise.

They are trying to drag us right down to Hell
As they work for the enemy of man
From the beginning of time (and it’s not just a rhyme)
‘Hath God said?’ the serpent asked Adam.

God made man first and then woman
They were not called Adam and Steve
He made them for comfort and marriage
Only woman was meant to conceive.

A family united together
Under God makes our nation proud
Never surrender to the evil mind bender
Although he is wicked and loud.

Make this year the year that our standards
Reflect the commandments of God
No nation is great that is driven by hate
Or fear of the Antichrist’s god.

Wyn Barratt.
Dec 2011.

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