Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Smile Both Ways.

Some folk smile at you with their eyes
Some just smile with their teeth
If someone smiles at me when they say “Hi”
I look to see how high that smile reached.

For if you smile with both your mouth and eyes
I feel sure you are really pleased
That we have met or that I turned up
As an extra person to see.

If your eyes smile but your mouth misses out
Maybe you just talk a lot
Your mouth hasn’t had the time to crease
But you have inside joy that could pop.

Of course the person I like to meet the most
Is someone who smiles both ways
It gives me a lift to catch their joy
As it slips into my own day.

I know for myself when I see someone I love
And we share a really bright smile
I feel so blessed, and anything they asked
I would go the second mile.

So think about what a person might see
When they run into you
If God’s own Sonshine smiles from your face
It’s the best thing you could do.

Wyn Barratt Dec 2011.

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