Thursday, August 18, 2011

All At Sea?

When I’m standing on this hill, Lord
The world looks fresh and new
The ocean’s multicoloured blue
The sky, a misty hue
The early morning sun has tried
To clear the mist away
But it needs the help of wind if it’s
To prove a bright clear day.

Small boats are bobbing out to sea
Their courage I admire
They look so small and frail out there
Is their Captain’s heart afire
With plans and compass, fishing nets
As he’s hoping for a catch?
But if a storm should brew up now
He would know he’d met his match.

That’s how we live our lives each day
Prepared, or so we think
For any trial or problem
Yet we are on the brink
Of sounding out an unknown depth
Of running into storms
That’s when we cry out to our God
And we feel so forlorn

Look! He’s walking on the water
He has the storm in hand!
It’s when we fail to look to Him
We lose sight of the land
He is our one True Compass
Our Shelter in a storm
Our Saviour Friend and Helper
No need to feel forlorn.

Wyn Barratt
Aug 2011.

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