Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lonely Road

I was wandering a lonely road and the light was fading fast
When darkness fell I was alone; I knew the light would never last
But the place that I was seeking had a light all of its own
I was on my way to Glory; the place that God calls Home.

You are my Light, my Comfort, and a Saviour, Lord to me
You are the only One that I really long to see
So long ago You died for me and I am travelling on
To the Glory land up yonder that my hope is set upon.

You gave Your all at Calvary; that day You set me free
From the ever tightening grip that sin had clinging around me
And now I’m free to worship You, to love You and adore
My God my mighty Saviour, as I learn to love You more.

My road’s no longer lonely for the Comforter is here
He’s walking right beside me and there‘s not a thing to fear
I can see the lights of Glory and its portals open wide
Now I have a brand new story that I’ll share once I’m inside.

©Wyn Barratt.
Aug 2011.


Pam said...

I love your poetry--the rhyme, the meter, and especially the subject--faith in God! Thank you so much for sharing your faith with all of us.

wyn said...

I think I am getting muddled here! This poem was only a draft till I had permission to use the picture I needed! I don't know how it came on view!
Thank you anyhow Pam for your kind words!

wyn said...

Thank you Jeff Gorick for permission to use your photo as my illustration. Thank you too for being such a blessing in my life!