Friday, August 26, 2011

I Walked Out The Door.

I walked out the door the day that You called me
I heard Your gentle voice, yet I hardened my heart
Not wanting to change but with so many needs
That I should have been running right into Your arms.

I stood outside the door, I thought You couldn’t see me
The tears began to flow and I stifled my groans
I didn’t want to stay or return to that dark room
Where You had had Your say with “Child, please come Home”

That was just what my parents cried the day I was leaving
Leaving their care, for I wanted to roam
I was grown up, independent, resenting their caring
Indifferent to the pain I would leave in that home.

You followed me out of that room where You’d called me
I would not turn but You stayed close behind
I went on my way, my own way preferring
Not heeding Your presence because I was blind.

I don’t remember how long I lived without You Lord
Long enough to let sin beset all of my ways
But one day when fear and guilt was piled high as a mountain
I fell down on my knees and I cried out “Lord, please save”!

I felt a warm blanket of Love spread around me
My tears were burning as I knelt at Your feet
Then I rose to go home to the parents who’d raised me
And I saw them running right down the street.

Wyn Barratt
Aug 2011.


Pam said...

I love your poetry. This has such beautiful imagery and brings such hope--both to parents and to wayward souls.
Pam at

wyn said...

Thank you Pam.
So many others suffer the fall out when we reject God.
I never tire of the 'Prodigal' stories.