Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heard Your Call.

I heard Your call, “Come follow” Is that all?
Is it that simple, when I must give my all?
I can’t resist You or turn my face away.
‘Not I, but Christ’ is the only way.

I saw Your scars and the nails in Your hands
I saw the Father’s pain as You honoured all His plans
Nothing I offered could repay the price You paid
But now we can go Home with You, not held by the grave.

I saw the grave stone that was rolled away
You stepped out in triumph as Satan slinked away
Lord, I will stand with You wherever You go
It was just the way You looked at me; I couldn’t say ‘No’.

I saw the world and the sorrow in Your eyes
Lost and angry ones before a God they despised
Walking away from the blood that could cleanse
Blaming every circumstance; not making amends.

Will you heed the call, ‘Come, follow’, that is all?
Repentance and cleansing when you answer His call
A hope and a future Christ offers to you
If you seek after Him as I pray you will do.

Wyn Barratt

Aug 2011.


Marja said...

Hi Wyn, I don't know how you did it, but you posted a give-away on Goodreads and linked it on your blog! Yes, I knew you would not give up! Awesome job.

wyn said...

Thank you Marja,
Now I have to try to get it on Facebook

Jeff Gorick wrote a good review on Amazon. I don't know how to get it onto Goodreads but I'll try!