Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Bought A BOAT !!

I bought a little boat and it’s trying to stay afloat
But there’s a hole in the blunt end (it’s not a boat of note!)
The salesman said it had a sail but it just sailed away
And the rudder fell off when we hit a little wave.

I still had an oar an hour ago or more
But it slipped through a hole I never saw before
So now I’ve got my foot inside that ever widening hole
I’m bobbing along the coast, I hope it knows its own way home.

I’m not worried though I don’t have a sail
If I’m lucky I can latch onto a passing whale
Whatever happens I won’t be down in the mouth
For the wind is blowing east, though the current’s flowing south.

Well, I don’t know what happened but I’ve water in my mouth
Though the wind is blowing east and the current’s flowing south
I would stand on the bridge and salute as Captains do
When their boat goes down, but my bridge has gone too!

Gurgle, gurgle!!

Wyn Barratt.


Linda said...

Hi, I'm visiting you from 2 Encourage blog. Love your poetry!


wyn said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the visit, I have just been to see yours. I love how you set up the 101 part and the delicate colours!
I shall return again,
P.S. I was just pulling our Pastor's leg as he wants to purchase a boat!!