Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It’s Me Again.

Are You there, Lord? Are You, really? It is me again, you see
I’ve had a gray dull day today and with You I need to be
My joy slipped down the drain hole; my hope walked out the door
So many things went wrong, Lord; Felt like a dozen or more.

My laughter died from lack of fun, my optimism too
Now all I want is to be near and sit right down with You
If You told me a joke, Lord, I don’t think I could laugh
But I still want to hear what You think is my right path.

I want to step into the sunshine and fly through the skies
I want to hold a dear sweet baby if I see tears in their eyes
I’d like to tuck a child in bed who once had homeless been
I want to stroke someone with fevered brow, and make them well again.

I want to comfort those that grieve and wipe their tears away
Then I would tell them to look up, for their sun will shine one day.
I’d tell them to hold out a hand to another grieving soul
To sing praises to their Saviour, for He will make them whole.

And then when all is said and done I’d raise my arms to You
And thank You for my Salvation and the love that’s always true
I’d praise You for Creation and the life You gave to me
As I promise to be always true, just like You are, you see.

Wyn Barratt
Aug 2011.


Pam said...

Beautiful, Wyn. Makes me ache with yearning to minister for Him right along with you.
Pam at

wyn said...

Thank you Pam,
God knows your heart and loves you for it!
Thank you for joining me here.
I am off to see your blog now!

Marja said...

Awesome, thanks Wyn.
I am so enjoying your book!!!

wyn said...

Thank you, Marja, and thank you for that wonderful review you posted!