Friday, August 19, 2011

Lord, I Have Come To You Again.

Lord I have come to You again today since I am all alone
And I want to say how much You mean to me
You know that I am working till the day You call me Home
But thank You, Lord, for dying for me.

No one could love me any more than You do, Dear Lord
No one could take my stubborn heart and set it free
You never will give up on me however hard it is
As You mould this grumpy soul to look like Thee.

So many times I feel I want to throw the towel in
So many times I slip and fall again
When I don’t see an improvement and I cannot stay afloat
I stop and wonder why You stay with me again.

So thank You Lord for loving me and holding me so tight
You have said that You will never let me go
If I make it up to Glory then I’ll know that You were right
And You’ll know that it is why I love You so.

Wyn Barratt
Aug 2011.


Pam said...

It is such a comfort to know Jesus is always with us. His love is truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. They draw us closer to Jesus.
Pam at

wyn said...

Thank you Pam.
He is my forever friend!