Sunday, August 14, 2011

I’ll Never Tire.

I’ll never tire of walking here
Or sitting on a bench
I watch the ocean and the waves
They bolster up my strength

The time I spend in worship
And thanking You for life
Is a time my soul is blessed enough
To go back to my life.

If I’ve had an awful morning
You know I’d cry for You
There’s no one else that I would trust
To show me what to do.

All my trials come in bundles
Are they cheaper by the score?
Sometimes I think that one more thing
Would knock me to the floor.

It’s only when Your Peace comes down
And You wrap me in Your arms
That my troubles seem smaller
And I am not alarmed.

So now my fighting muscles
Have had some exercise
I will leave the restless ocean
For You are at my side.

Wyn Barratt

Aug 2011.


Marja said...

Hi Wyn, yet another beautiful song by your hand...
I've posted your interview on my blog, Facebooked and Tweeted it :)
Feel free to interact wit readers!
Bless you my friend, I am so happy with your book, I read one poem a day.

wyn said...

Thank you, Marja.
You are a great friend and a wonderful publicity manager LOL.

I am really glad you are enjoying the book.

Toyin O. said...


wyn said...

Thank you, Toyin!